5 Step routine for colour correcting and concealing dark circles under your eyes

We all get those dreaded dark circles. (Well, except for a lucky few!) Even when we manage to get plenty of sleep, we can still wake up each morning with shadows under our eyes. Causes can range from our genes and natural aging to allergies and too much exposure to the Sun. Whatever the cause, it can make applying makeup to and around the eyes difficult and complicated.

So here’s my 5-step routine for colour correcting and concealing under the eye. I use this on my clients and myself in preparation for applying heavier makeup, but it also works as a daily beauty regime to help diffuse dark circles over time.

Step 1. Hydrate under the eye

hydrate eye

Image: Seealgae

It may surprise you how closely linked your eye health is to keeping hydrated. Eyes can dry out quickly if you’re not drinking up to 2 litres of water a day, not to mention the rest of the effects on your body. However, you can go the extra mile and specifically hydrate your eyes by applying moisturising eye cream under your eyes. This ensures the area receives essential minerals and soothing protection against harsh conditions. You can do this in the evening before bed, or as part of your morning routine.

Recommended: The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

Step 2. Apply eye brightener wand

Eye brightener wands work immediately to brighten the eye area, reduce dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. I recommend finding a shade that best matches your natural skin tone, and using it on dry, clear and moisturised skin. Apply a small amount on the inner corner of each eye and blend it evenly along the under-eye area.

Recommended: Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Step 3. Apply orange concealer

Next step is to apply powdered concealer. The colour orange is widely accepted as the best colour match for concealing the under-eye area, as it shares the hue and undertones of our skin. Darker orange shades better suit darker skin, whilst lighter shades compliment lighter skin. Apply a small amount with your index finger starting from the eye corners, and blend with makeup brush.

Recommended: M•A•C Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact (Recharge)

Step 4: Apply colour corrector

orange concealer

Image: Beauty Hows

Most colour correctors are formulated to not only even skin tone, but also reduce oiliness and protect from UVA and UVB rays. Base your colour and shade on the look you are hoping to achieve later when you apply makeup, or for a natural look pick an orange shade. Apply by dabbing small amounts under the eye, and then blend with a clean makeup brush (different to one used in Sept 3).

Recommended: M•A•C Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 (Recharge)

Step 5: Apply powder

Image: Divine Caroline

Image: Divine Caroline

The final step is to apply a thin dusting of high quality powder to the under-eye area with a powder brush. This will soften your pores and texture whilst absorbing excess oils, fully preparing your under-eyes for makeup application. I strongly recommend Ben Nye’s Luxury Powders in the banana shade, as it suits the widest range of skin tones and the yellows in the colour are proven to balance out red, pink and blue undertones in under-eye circles. It’s really incredible how this stuff just works!

Recommended: Ben Nye’s Luxury Powders (Banana)

Now your eyes are ready for makeup. Follow the above routine for a few weeks, you should also find the extra hydration, moisturising and protection improving your dark circles significantly.

Thank you for reading my blog – I’ll be keeping it updated with useful tips and posts all about hair, makeup and beauty and my experiences as a makeup artist. And follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and let me know how this routine goes for you!